Friday, 16 November 2012

Company and companions.....

This is the second post dedicated to  Abhilash Tomy!
...... in continuation with my earlier post, Sailing on the wings.

I was reading his blog 'Sailing on the wings', where he has two new posts. The first one is titled 'The dragon flies are dead' and the second post is with the title, ' The shoe box is empty'
I read the posts a couple of times to understand what must be going on in his mind when he narrates the incidents of his voyage. 
Yes being all by oneself,  I wouldn't say lonely as that's not a positive word and its again a state of mind. I would say having oneself for company! A person who is social and likes interacting with people will certainly need to make efforts to be all by himself.  Anything living be it a dragon fly, a sparrow, a grasshopper or anything that's moving is a delightful company.

Like a lot of other people I can't imagine myself being alone. Its a punishment if I have to sit quiet without talking to anyone. I remember I was attending a workshop at a prestigious college in Bangalore, as a courtesy they put me up in a suite. It was beautiful, great decor and it was large. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I didn't want to stay there thinking that it was not polite. I just couldn't sleep the whole night. Had all the lights on and had covered myself with the duvet. Waited till it turned 5 am, got up and got ready for the presentation. This is not just one odd incident ...have many such adventures in my kitty. I can very well understand what company of anything... living means!

When the dragon fly died it was a loss somewhere... a loss of somebody's company.  In the movie, Castaway' Tom Hanks is broken when he loses his companion Wilson. it's so beautifully portrayed. In my childhood, read the story of King Bruce and the spider. Here's a refresher for everyone, 
Robert Bruce was a king who lived in Scotland. He fought many battles. Once he was defeated. He ran away from the battle field and hid himself in a cave.There was a spider in that cave. It was trying to reach the roof of the cave but failed again and again. After every fall, the spider tried again... not losing its heart. The spider reached its web in the seventh attempt.This taught King Bruce a great lesson. It filled him with new hope and courage. He came out of the cave and gathered his forces.This time he fought bravely. He was successful in making his country free. We learn from almost everything... living or not that has faced the strength of time.

With his second post  he talks about the food that is there with him, he still has some fresh provisions but they are dwindling. Another comfort in our lives is the food. The food we eat makes us the people that we are. The food shows the way our health is. When alone, one generally ends up picking up something to munch on. But when you don't have a choice and you need to be judicious about the consumption, I feel that's one hell of a control! Whatever the outcome, I am sure he is going to learn a lot more about self control and discipline!

Will surely be back with my understanding of the life at Sea, when on a solo circumnavigation of the globe!